No Pump

Occasionally, the V-Smart BIC-V™ valve is utilized on vadose zone applications were the valve is located above the saturation zone of the aquifer. In these configurations, the wells are usually dry during initial injection start-up, with the static water level significantly below the valve set depth. The operation for this configuration is similar to the that of the submersible pump operation, except that no pump assembly is located below the V-Smart BIC-V™ valve.

During injection, water flows through the unobstructed (no line shaft) center of the valve and exits the valve through the machined injection ports. Based on the well data provided, these ports are carefully sized and custom-machined to provide the best control characteristics. The outer sliding sleeve is hydraulically actuated to slide up and expose the injection ports, with the total required valve stroke being determined by the desired injection flow rate. In these applications, the valve is at the bottom of the pipe string and it used for injection-only operation.

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